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Discover how the industry's best minds use the latest technologies to build solutions.
  • Data + Integration
  • Java/JavaEE/Spring
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  • Cloud
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  • Mobile
Exploring Good Swing Design with JGoodies' Form Layout

In user interfaces good design means good layout. One of the trickiest things to master in Swing is effective use of the LayoutManagers. Sometimes even the simplest of designs are hard to accomplish with Swing’s default LayoutManagers. This presentation will explore what constitutes good layout, and demonstrates the features of JGoodies’ free Form library that make good designs effortless. This presentation will arm beginners and advanced developers with the information needed to build first class Java GUIs.

"Leveraging J2EE Security"

The robust security model of J2EE, is one of the industry’s best-kept secrets. It allows developers to quickly and easily manage user authentication and authorization through flexible, comprehensive APIs. Learn how JSP, servlets, EJBs, and popular frameworks such as Struts are designed to take advantage of this security model, and how you can further customize the security to meet the needs of your applications. Leave your custom authentication modules and servlet filters at the door, and find out just how easy it can be.

JXTA - Java's P2P protocol for collaborative applications


MVC Web Framework Shootout

Choosing the proper web framework for your next development project can be very mind-numbing and time-consuming. The default answer is often go with Struts or simply roll-your-own. This session will describe the best practices and design patterns associated with web application architecture and demonstrate the creation of the same application in several of the most popular frameworks, such as Struts, WebWork, Tapestry, and Cocoon.


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