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Struts Best Practices


Integrating Flash Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with Java


Insider's View of Hibernate 3.0

This presentation will focus on Hibernate and the relationship between Hibernate and the upcoming EJB 3 feature set. Highlighted will be new features in Hibernate 3.0 including inheritance mapping, temporal and regional data, and the ability to use Hibernate along with hand-written SQL as a JDBC framework.

Workflow Made Easy with JBoss jBPM

This presentation will cover the workflow foundation called graph oriented programming. Gain insight in how graph oriented programming integrates with the java platform and how it allows the usage of the JVM as the runtime environment for business processes. Server side developers will learn what to expect from a workflow management system. Turning "community" into the killer app for Java Developers

The killer app for Java Developers is collaboration and provides the ultimate online community for collaborative development. Feature rich with collaboration tools like Wikis, Blogs, CVS, Issue Tracking, Instant Messaging, and more, is a virtual playground for Java developers. With over 130,000 members and 1,800+ projects, if there’s something new or cool going on in Java, it’s happening on Whether it’s Java3D, Project Looking Glass, Real Time Java, or Mustang, you will find it here. Learn how you can be part of these exciting innovations as they happen instead of just reading about them elsewhere.

Java Server Faces & Java Studio Creator


Sneak Peak at what's coming for the Java Platform

This session will cover much of the “what’s new” that will be talked about at JavaOne this June in San Francisco. In addition we will cover the “opening up” of the Java platform" (Project Peabody and GlassFish), and several other initiatives around performance, ease of development, and compatibility.

Spring Unleashed

The past two years have seen a growing trend towards lightweight architectures as alternatives to traditional EJB-centric architectures. In this approach, application services and domain objects are designed as POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects), resulting in fine-grained application components that are reusable and testable outside a container. This can significantly increase productivity and allows easier use of agile processes in J2EE development. Key enabling technologies include lightweight containers such as Spring and HiveMind, and O/R mapping frameworks such as Hibernate, JDO and TopLink.

This session introduces the Spring Framework and its lightweight container architecture, focusing on its powerful Dependency Injection capabilities, the Spring AOP framework and the popular Spring JDBC framework. It will highlight Spring’s transaction management capabilities–in particular, declarative transactions for POJOs–and illustrate data access object design for strategies such as JDBC and Hibernate, which are supported out-of-the-box and integrated in a consistent architectural style.

The session will discuss the value-add of using a lightweight container within a J2EE application, contrasting it with traditional programming models. It will show that Spring does not compete with J2EE servers and the core system services provided by them; instead, Spring adds architectural value within J2EE applications, leveraging J2EE services without coupling application components to a concrete J2EE environment.

Attendees will learn about the motivation for the lightweight container movement and the benefits of a lightweight, test-driven, development approach from two pioneers in the area who are also best-selling authors on the topic. They will learn about the valuable services that the Spring Framework provides for a wide variety of architectural scenarios.


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