Discover how the industry's best minds use the latest technologies to build solutions.

Kevin Barfield

Kevin is a Systems Engineer with JBoss. Prior to joining JBoss, Kevin worked in the middleware application market for 10 years as an architect and developer. Kevin has a Masters of Science and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tennessee.

John Bobowicz

John is the CTO of www.java.net, founder and original community manager. As java.net CTO, He is getting more involved within the community and focusing on the technologies of java.net. This includes letting the world know about cool technologies and projects on java.net as well as looking for cool and new technologies to join java.net. He gets to write more code in this role and tinker with new technologies and that should be fun! John will also be working to get more involvement out of the “Java Industry” and hopefully recruit more companies and industry groups to join and contribute.

Keith Donald

Keith Donald is a principal and founding partner at SpringSource, the company behind Spring and a division of VMware. At SpringSource, Keith is a full-time member of the Spring development team focusing on web application development productivity. He is also the architect behind SpringSource’s state-of-the-art training curriculum, which has provided practical Spring training to over 10,000 students worldwide. Over his career, Keith, an experienced enterprise software developer and mentor, has built business applications for customers spanning a diverse set of industries including banking, network management, information assurance, education, retail, and healthcare. He is particularly skilled at translating business requirements into technical solutions.

Dan Glauser (and more)

Dan Glauser has 8 years of industry experience and has architected, written, deployed, and maintained numerous large scale applications for companies like BellSouth (southeast), Benefit Point (San Francisco, CA), and numerous others. Dan has a B.S. in Computer Science for the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Leif Wells is the Director of Multimedia Services at Roundbox Media. Leif has 15 years of interactive media experience as a lead developer with companies like IBM, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, UPS, and Georgia-Pacific. Leif runs the Atlanta Macromedia User Group

Jesse Warden is a professional multimedia developer working at Round Box Media, and specializes in Flash Development. He has spoken at many venues including MXDU 2003, 2005, multiple Atlanta Macromedia User Groups, and other venues about various Macromedia products and technologies.

Gavin King

Gavin is the founder of the Hibernate project, the leading persistence solution for Java. He is an active member of the JSR-220 expert group, and contributed heavily to the design of EJB 3.0. With Christian Bauer, he was author of /Hibernate in Action/. Gavin works for JBoss, Inc, leading the development of Hibernate, implementing EJB 3.0, and providing services to JBoss customers. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Roger Kitain

Roger is currently the co-spec lead for JavaServer Faces at Sun Microsystems. Roger has extensively been involved with server side web technologies and products since 1997, including the early development efforts of the Software Download Center, Sun One Identity Server, and the JavaServer Faces Reference Implementation.

James Mitchell

James serves as a member of the Apache Struts PMC (Project Management Committee) and is one of a handful of active committers on the Apache Struts and Jakarta Commons projects.

James is the owner and CEO of EdgeTech, Inc. He works as an independent consultant with clients in Atlanta, California, and New York. James has over 11 years of experience in building Web Applications for the E-commerce, Banking, Government, and Financial Services industries. Through his company, James also provides specialized services and training for companies needing team development training, mentoring, and/or project recovery.

Matt Thompson

As Director of Technology Outreach & Sun’s Open Source Programs Office, Matt Thompson leads Sun’s developer program (the Sun Developer Network) Sun’s technology evangelism efforts worldwide, and driving Sun’s open source strategy for developers. His team focuses on both building communities and educating and enabling communities of developers to easily adopt Sun’s emerging technologies across both the Java and Solaris platforms.


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