Brad Anderson

Large Scale Data Analysis Tools

Brad Anderson has been wrangling data for 20 years, more recently building and using non-relational data stores. He works as a solution architect, assisting clients in their use of MapR’s technology-leading Hadoop distribution. Previously, Brad has worked on a large-scale video-on-demand platform, smart grid analytics, a real-time audience participation platform, helped Cloudant build their hosted NoSQL offering based on CouchDB, and organized the NoSQL East 2009 conference in Atlanta.

Mark Atwood

Mobilize JBoss AS 7.1 - How to Develop Mobile Apps for the Cloud w/ OpenShift

Mark Atwood is a Developer Evangelist for Red Hat OpenShift. He has been a long-time contributor to open source. His technology interests include Cloud Computing and NoSQL. He is the patch queue manager for MySQL Drizzle. He was the Senior Technology Advisor for at Sun Microsystems. He makes his home in Seattle USA.

Peter Bell

Neo4J - High Performance NoSQL Graph Database

Getting started with node.js

Peter is a contract member of the GitHub training team, the co-founder and CTO of Speak Geek, helping business people to hire and manage developers more effectively, the co-founder of CTO school and a regular presenter on a range of technologies - from chef to Neo4j.

He has presented at a range of conferences including DLD conference, ooPSLA, DevNexus, QCon NY, QCon SF, RubyNation, SpringOne2GX, Code Generation, Practical Product Lines, the British Computer Society Software Practices Advancement conference, GraphConnect, cf.Objective(), CF United, Scotch on the Rocks, WebDU, WebManiacs, UberConf, the Rich Web Experience and the No Fluff Just Stuff Enterprise Java tour. He has been published in IEEE Software, Dr. Dobbs, IBM developerWorks, Information Week, Methods & Tools, Mashed Code, the Open Source Journal, NFJS the Magazine and GroovyMag.

Tim Berglund

Radical NoSQL Scalability with Cassandra

NoSQL Smackdown 2012

Git Going with Distributed Version Control

Tim is a full-stack generalist and passionate teacher who loves coding, presenting, and working with people. He believes the best developer is one who is well-informed of specifics and can also make deep connections between software development and the broader world. He has recently been exploring non-relational data stores, build systems, and how software architecture should resemble an ant colony.

His firm, the August Technology Group, helps clients with product development, technology consulting, and technology upgrade projects on the JVM. The August Group’s technology preferences reflect the generalist sensibilities of its founder, and its development practices are always lightweight, self-improving, and humanizing by design.

Tim is a speaker internationally and on the No Fluff Just Stuff tour in the United States, and is co-president of the Denver Open Source User Group, author of the open-source Groovy Liquibase DSL, co-author of the DZone Clojure RefCard, co-presenter of the best-selling O’Reilly Git Master Class, co-author of Building and Testing with Gradle, and a member of the O’Reilly Expert Network.

He lives in Littleton, CO with the wife of his youth and their three children.

Marius Bogoevici

What makes JBoss AS 7 tick?

Marius Bogoevici is a software engineer with Pivotal, working on Spring XD, and contributor emeritus to Spring Integration. Marius has an experience of more than 17 years of architecting and developing enterprise applications. A staunch open-source software proponent, in his previous tenures at Red Hat and SpringSource, he actively took part in the development of various of open-source Java projects such as Spring Integration, Weld (CDI RI), and well as JBoss AS. Marius is also co-author of “Spring Integration in Action” (Manning, 2012).

Raymond Camden

Introduction to PhoneGap Mobile Development

Creating Mobile Friendly Sites with jQuery Mobile

Raymond Camden is a senior developer evangelist for Adobe. His work focuses on web standards, mobile development and ColdFusion. He’s a published author and presents at conferences and user groups on a variety of topics. Raymond can be reached at his blog (, @cfjedimaster on Twitter, or via email at

David Chandler

Building Maintainable Web Apps with HTML5 and Dart

Launching scalable apps with Google App Engine

David Chandler works with the Google Developer Tools Team in Atlanta. An electrical engineer by training, Chandler got hooked on developing database Web applications in the days of NCSA Mosaic and has since written Web applications in a variety of languages, including C, perl, ksh, ColdFusion, Java, JSF, GWT, and now Dart. Prior to joining Google, Chandler worked on Internet banking applications with Intuit and launched a non-profit startup built with GWT and AppEngine. Chandler holds a patent on a method of organizing hierarchical data in a relational database and blogs about Java Web development at

Roy Clarkson

Native Android Development with Spring Android

Roy Clarkson is a software engineer at Pivotal where he works on Spring’s open source projects. Roy is the Spring for Android project lead and is also an organizer of the Atlanta Spring User Group. As a long time resident of Atlanta, he studied computer science at Georgia Tech before beginning his career as a software engineer. He has worked as a professional software developer for many years, with a variety of languages and technologies. He has spent the last few years focusing on mobile application development, including iPhone, Android, and mobile web. Prior to that, he focused most of his time on web development. Roy has spoken at several conferences and user groups about Spring and mobile technologies.

Charlie Collins

Google TV Basics and Boundaries

Charlie Collins is the Director of Technology at MOVL; an experienced java, mobile, and web developer; a contributor to several open source projects; and coauthor of Android in Practice, Unlocking Android, and GWT in Practice.

Robert Cooper

What's new in Android

Robert Cooper is a developer based in Atlanta where he develops telemedicine apps at Reach Heath. He is the author of GWT in Practice and a contributor to a number of open source projects including Shortyz Crosswords for Android.

Patrick Curran

Java User Groups and the Java Community Process: a winning combination

Patrick Curran is Chair of the Java Community Process organization. In this role he oversees the activities of the JCP’s Program Management Office including evolving the process and the organization, managing its membership, guiding specification leads and experts through the process, chairing Executive Committee meetings, and managing the web site.

Patrick has worked in the software industry for more than 25 years, and at Sun and then Oracle for 20 years. He has a long-standing record in conformance testing, and before joining the JCP he led the Java Conformance Engineering team in Sun’s Client Software Group. He was also chair of Sun’s Conformance Council, which was responsible for defining Sun’s policies and strategies around Java conformance and compatibility.

Patrick has participated actively in several consortia and communities including the W3C (as a member of the Quality Assurance Working Group and co-chair of the Quality Assurance Interest Group), and OASIS (as co-chair of the Test Assertions Guidelines Technical Committee). Patrick’s blog is here.

Jeremy Deane

RESTful Imaginarium

Jeremy Deane has over 17 years of software engineering experience in leadership positions. His expertise includes Enterprise Integration Architecture, Web Application Architecture, and Software Process Improvement. In addition, he is an accomplished speaker and technical author.

Mark Fisher

What's new in Spring Integration 2.1

Migrating Enterprise Apps to the Cloud: from monolith to modular

Mark is the founder of the Spring Integration project. Currently at VMware, he continues to lead the Spring Integration team while exploring the intersection of big data and messaging. He has been a committer on a number of Spring projects, including the Spring Framework itself and Spring AMQP, which he co-founded. Mark speaks regularly at conferences and user groups about messaging, data, integration, and cloud computing.

Ben Galbraith

Web vs. Apps

Ben Galbraith, together with his long-time friend Dion Almaer, forms one-half of the dynamic “Ben and Dion” duo that founded, headed Developer Tools at Mozilla, ran Developer Relations at Palm and is now running mobile architecture and engineering at after being acquired along with their start-up team in early 2011. Ben’s been writing code since he was six and starting businesses since he was ten; he’s written books, given hundreds of award-winning presentations world-wide, produced a few technical conferences, sold three companies, and has held CEO, CIO, CTO, and Software Architect positions in the medical, publishing, media, consumer electronics, advertising, software and internet industries. He lives in Palo Alto with his wife and six children.

David Geary

Mind-blowing apps with HTML5 Canvas

A long-time best-selling author, instructor, and speaker, David is the author of Core HTML5 Canvas, published by Prentice-Hall in 2012 and four best-selling Java books including one of the best-selling Java books of all time, Graphic Java, and the best-selling books on both Java component frameworks: Swing and JavaServer Faces (JSF). David also writes regularly for IBM’s developerworks online where his articles on JSF and HTML5 have collectively drawn nearly one million page views.

David has spoken at hundreds of conferences around the world, including DevNexus, OSCON, Strange Loop, JavaOne, Devoxx, JAOO. David spoke on the highly regarded No Fluff Just Stuff tour for more than six years. He is a three-time JavaOne Rock Star, a designation awarded to the top rated speakers from the JavaOne conference.

In 2011 David founded the HTML5 Denver Meetup, which has become one of the most successful meetup groups in the Rockies with over 800 members.

Neil Green

Nothing matters more than coding fast

As self-diagnosed “recovering technical team lead,” Neil has taken a sabbatical from the exciting world of architect/lead/manager to go back to what he loves - being a full time coder. In his own words, “The technical part wasn’t hard, it was having to say the same thing over and over expecting different results (incidentally the definition for both insanity and stupidity) that wore me down over time. I needed a break.”

Today Neil finds himself sitting comfortably in a dark window-less cubical, with no direct reports, no project schedule to satisfy, no political in-fights, and best of all a manager to keep all the non-code related cruft at bay. Though cruel and unusual, Neil has taken to walking into his manager’s office and declaring, “Now YOU have to deal with it all! Hahahahah!!!!” Incidentally, he has found that this never gets old.

Further abusing his new-found freedom, he has also been known to start conversations with, “If you’re not writing clean code we can’t work together - sorry, I’m getting too old to sift through garbage” and “I get it – you don’t write units tests. That’s cool. I’ll just delete everything you commit so we don’t have to suffer with your steaming pile of well-it-worked-when-I-tested-it.”

Most days will find Neil belting out code with his favorite HTML5 stack: CoffeeScript, SASS, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Handlebars.js, jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Mobile while muttering, “These kids today don’t know how good they have it.” When asked if he’ll ever do backend development again he replied, “If I look at another line of Java I may stab myself in the eye. I’m holding out until the world realizes it should just learn something else – anything else. I’m starting to not care which.”

Wesley Hales

The Fundamentals of Enterprise HTML5 Development

Wesley Hales is a User Interface architect from Atlanta, GA. He has been involved in UI and User Experience roles for over a decade in both startup and enterprise environments. Wesley co-founded several enterprise frameworks during his 4.5 years at JBoss by Red Hat (including the JBoss Portlet Bridge and AeroGear projects) and also served as a co-founder of the recently acquired startup, InstaOps. He is now employed by Apigee as a software developer mainly focused on UI.

Overall, Wesley enjoys creating world-class user interfaces and experiences that people fall in love with.
You can see him speak at the occasional conference, read his posts on, or follow him on twitter @wesleyhales.

Barry Hawkins

How We Got Here, And What To Do About It

Agile, Lean, and the Space Between

Barry has played various roles in his 17 years in the software industry, including lone developer, team lead, director, and Agile coach and mentor. Barry is one of the few native Atlantans, currently specializing in coaching and mentoring for Agile software development in addition to doing contract software development. Over the years, he has developed on multiple platforms, focusing primarily on Microsoft technologies and then Java from 2003 onward. He views technology as a set of tools, and embraces the use of dynamic as well as statically-typed languages, procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming, each having their own strengths in a given problem domain.

Prior to his career in software, Barry Hawkins spent 10 years designing, selling, and delivering turn-key industrial packaging and marking systems into manufacturing plants throughout the southeastern United States. He was responsible for the implementation, maintenance, and support of every system he sold, which was a formative experience that continues to influence his approach to consulting and coaching.

Daniel Hinojosa

Making Java Bearable with Guava

Joda Time and a Brief History of the World

Daniel Hinojosa has been a self-employed developer, teacher and speaker for private business, education, and government since 1999. Daniel also actively teaches programming for the University of New Mexico Continuing Education.

Daniel is a Pomodoro Technique practitioner and is co-founder of the Albuquerque Java User’s Group in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When he’s not supporting other local Java developers, Daniel spends most of his waking hours developing in and around the Java ecosystem, encompassing multiple languages and frameworks. He is author for the upcoming book ‘Testing in Scala’ and is the latest member of the No Fluff Just Stuff tour.

Ken Kousen

Testing Groovy and Java Systems

The Groovy Web: groovlets, Micro-frameworks, and Grails

The Gradle Will Rock

Ken Kousen is President of Kousen IT, Inc, through which he does software development and technical training in all areas related to Java, especially open source topics like Android, Spring, Hibernate, Groovy, and Grails. He is the author of the book “Making Java Groovy” from Manning ( and the book “Gradle for Android”, upcoming from O’Reilly.

Josh Long

A walking tour of Spring 3.1

Spring and Cloud Foundry, a Marriage Made in Heaven

Josh Long is the Spring Developer Advocate. Josh is the lead author on Apress’ Spring Recipes, 2nd Edition, the O’Reilly “Pro Spring Roo” book, the Pearson “Livelessons for Spring” and a committer on several Spring projects and the Activiti BPMN framework. When he’s not hacking on code, he can be found at the local Java User Group or at the local coffee shop. Josh likes solutions that push the boundaries of the technologies that enable them. Josh’s interests include big-data, mobile, REST, NoSQL and integration. He blogs on the Spring blog and on his personal blog.

Greg Luck

JSR107: The new Java Caching Standard

All about Caching.

Greg founded Ehcache in 2003. He regularly speaks at conferences, writes and codes. He has also founded and maintains the JPam and Spnego open source projects, which are security focused. Prior to joining Terracotta in 2009, Greg was Chief Architect at where he provided technical leadership as the company went from a single product startup to a billion dollar public company with multiple product lines. Before that Greg was a consultant for ThoughtWorks with engagements in the US and Australia in the travel, health care, geospatial, banking and insurance industries. Before doing programming, Greg managed IT. He was CIO at Virgin Blue, Tempo Services, Stamford Hotels and Resorts and Australian Resorts. He is a Chartered Accountant, and spent 7 years with KPMG in small business and insolvency. Greg holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters in Information Technology.

Pratik Patel

Advanced JavaScript for Java Devs

Easy Mobile Development: Appcelerator Titanium Introduction

Pratik Patel is the CTO of Atlanta based TripLingo ( He wrote the first book on ‘enterprise Java’ in 1996, “Java Database Programming with JDBC.” He has also spoken at various conferences and participates in several local tech groups and startup groups. He’s in the startup world now and hacks iOS, Android, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Rails, and ….. well everything except Perl.
Pratik’s specialty is in large-scale applications for mission-critical and mobile applications use. He has designed and built applications in the retail, health care, financial services, and telecoms sectors. Pratik holds a master’s in Biomedical Engineering from UNC, has worked in places such as New York, London, and Hong Kong, and currently lives in Atlanta, GA.

Jason Porter

Building CDI extensions using DeltaSpike

Jason is a software engineer currently working in the Java Enterprise Edition Space, Arquillian, Forge, web site and other developer experience projects within Red Hat. His specialties include JBoss AS, Seam, CDI, JSF, Java EE, and Gradle. He has worked with PHP, Ruby, Groovy, XSLT, SASS the rest of the web language arena (HTML, CSS, JS, etc). His current position as Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat has him work primarily on the JBoss website, however, he also contributes to JBoss Forge, Arquillian, Apache DeltaSpike, Awestruct and others as time allows. He’s very interested in the developer experience and helping to improve it at all aspects.

Frederic Simon

Build Trust in Your Build to Deployment Flow!

Frederic Simon is best known as the Co-founder and Chief Architect of JFrog - the Artifactory Binary Repository creators, and JavaOne 2011 Duke Choice Awards winner.

Before founding JFrog in 2008, Fred founded AlphaCSP, the Java consulting firm in 1998 where he was the company’s global CTO, leading 5 branches worldwide and served as the visionary voice of the company.

Fred’s development experience goes back to 1992 and covers Java technologies evolution from day one as a programmer, Architect and Consultant.

As one of JFrog leaders, Fred encourages strong collaboration with leading open-source projects such as SpringSource, Grails and Gradle by providing them with the Artifactory Cloud platform, and fuels the Continuous-Integration ecosystem with open-source plugins for leading tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity & Bamboo.

When not on those, Fred hacks around new features for the core Java language, Java port of the popular sky rendering Stellarium project and other neat stuff.

Fred blogs at & and tweets as @freddy33.
His speaking history:

Ram Singaram

Architecture Anti-patterns

Ram serves ThoughtWorks, Inc. as a Principal Consultant and currently heads up the Atlanta office. He was the head of Technology Consulting practice in North America. He plays the role of a Senior Architect and Technical Lead in the creation of large-scale distributed enterprise applications and the integration of disparate systems. Ram has served as a developer, technical lead and architect in high end solutions encompassing custom frameworks, systems integration and business to business solutions using various technologies. He has worked with large corporations and has mentored clients and team members on the best use of technology and Agile techniques. He speaks at conferences and at clients on various topics and also helps in technology assessments and pursuits. He has had over 19 years of experience with over 6 years in ThoughtWorks and has worked in the US, Canada, UK, Thailand and India. He is passionate about motorcycles and riding.

You can follow him on twitter at

Donald Smith

The Java SE Platform: Rebuilding Momentum

Don brings worldwide enterprise software experience, ranging from small “dot-com” through Fortune 500 companies. Donald speaks regularly about Java, open source, community development, business models, business integration and software development politics at conferences and events worldwide including Java One, Oracle World, Sun Tech Days, Evans Developer Relations Conference, OOPSLA, JAOO, Server Side Symposium, Colorado Software Summit and others. Prior to returning to Oracle, Donald was Director of Ecosystem Development for the Eclipse Foundation, an independent not-for-profit foundation supporting the Eclipse open source community.

Rossen Stoyanchev

Spring MVC 3.1 Walkthrough

An In-depth Look At Spring MVC 3.1

Rossen is a committer on the Spring Framework team with a strong focus on web development including Spring MVC and WebSocket messaging. Previously Rossen consulted and trained Spring teams for several years. He has been involved with Java and web development in various industries and domains since the mid 90s.

Josh Suereth

Effective Scala

Why you want to learn Scala

Josh Suereth is a Senior Software Engineer at Typesafe and the author of “Scala In Depth”. He has been a Scala enthusiast ever since he came to know this beautiful language in 2007. He started his professional career as a software developer in 2004 using programming languages like C++, Perl and Java. In 2009 he began writing the book “Scala In Depth” which provides practical support for using Scala in every day applications. Josh regularly shares his expertise in articles and talks.

Burr Sutter

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the JBoss Galaxy

Burr Sutter is responsible for Red Hat JBoss middleware developer tooling and frameworks and is specifically focused on technologies such as Java EE, Spring, PaaS, HTML5 and Apache Cordova. Burr’s passion is learning, teaching and demonstrating developer facing technologies.
He has previously been the President of the Atlanta Java Users Group, founder of the DevNexus conference, founder of the Atlanta chapter of the IASA and an Oracle Java Champion.

Andrew Trice

Java-Powered Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with PhoneGap

Andrew Trice is a Technical Creative Cloud Evangelist with Adobe. Andrew covers the entire spectrum of Adobe’s creative and developer tools, and brings to the table more than a decade of experience designing, implementing, and delivering rich applications and media experiences for the web, desktop, and mobile devices. He blogs at, tweets as @andytrice, and codes at

Mark Ethan Trostler

Event-Driven Architectures

I have been writing and testing code for over 20 years. From humble as a Computer Science/Philosophy double major at UC San Diego, to working at both startups (IPivot) and large corporations (Qualcomm, Intel, Redback Networks, Juniper Networks, and currently Yahoo!), I have always been dedicated to code quality. Currently as a Senior Principal Front End Engineer on the Yahoo Mail team, I help spearhead testing and quality for the latest rewrite of Yahoo Mail. I have spoken at several internal and
external conferences (Yahoo TechPulse 2010 and 2011, Yahoo’s Front End Summit, and at YUIConf 2011) about Testable Javascript and am the author of the Open Source Javascript Unit Test Environment ( and EventHub (

James Ward

Introduction to Heroku

Intro to Play Framework - Making Java & Scala Web App Development Fun

James Ward ( works for Typesafe where he teaches developers the Typesafe Stack (Play Framework, Scala, and Akka). James frequently presents at conferences around the world such as JavaOne, Devoxx, and many other Java get-togethers. Along with Bruce Eckel, James co-authored First Steps in Flex. He has also published numerous screencasts, blogs, and technical articles. Starting with Pascal and Assembly in the 80′s, James found his passion for writing code. Beginning in the 90′s he began doing web development with HTML, Perl/CGI, then Java. After building a Flex and Java based customer service portal in 2004 for Pillar Data Systems he became a Technical Evangelist for Flex at Adobe. In 2011 James became a Principal Developer Evangelist at where he taught developers how to deploy apps on the cloud with Heroku. James Tweets as @_JamesWard and posts code at

Joel Webber

Porting Your Game to the Web using NaCl

Introduction to the PlayN Cross-Platform Game Library

Joel Webber is a co-creator of the Google Web Toolkit, and focuses on bringing the web to the cutting edge of interactive application development. When not hacking WebKit, wrestling compiler bugs, and dealing with browser quirks, he spends his spare time building games and graphics libraries. Prior to joining Google, he worked in mobile development and the game industry.


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