We are Open Source

Open Source Initiative
The DevNexus application is 100% open source (OSS). The source code is licensed under the liberal Apache License v2.0.
The application is hosted on GitHub at: https://github.com/devnexus/devnexus-site.

Are you running in the Cloud?

DevNexus runs in the cloud allowing us to focus on what is important: planning and executing an awesome conference. As PaaS platform, we are using:

Pivotal Web Services

We are super-grateful for the support provided by Pivotal. PWS uses Cloud Foundry and gives us among others the following benefits:

Show me your Stack

Some of the technologies we use are:

Jetty PostgreSQL Hibernate Redis Spring Framework Spring Boot Spring Security Spring Data Spring Social Spring Integration

We are giving back to the OSS Community

Junit Lambda

The Atlanta Java Users Group and DevNexus have been one of the earliest major Crowdfunding Campaign Contributors for the JUnit Lambda project. JUnit is one of the globe's most heavily used testing libraries. We want to support the efforts of creating the next major version of JUnit, enabling it to support Java 8 features (including Lambdas) among other features.